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How To Choose The Perfect Instructor

How To Choose The Perfect Instructor

When it comes to choosing an instructor, firstly you need to work out what “perfect” means to you. What is it in particular you are looking for. With our site there are a number of things you can look out for to help you make your decision.

We suggest the main thing you double check is the instructor’s ADI Number. This is the instructor’s “Approved Driving Instructor Number”. This is a number that can be checked to ensure the instructor has been tested and registered by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency in the UK. If an instructor is not showing this on their profile and unwilling to provide this then let us know immediately.

The second thing to look at are the reviews from other learners. The reviews on our listings are from actual learners who have previously trained with these instructors. We ask our learners to review based on a number of areas so you can be even more confident that the instructor offers what you are looking for.

Next you can check what else the instructor offers, they may offer services in your preferred language, they may have an air conditioned car you can learn in during the hot summer, you may prefer a female instructor or you may even want to be able to take advanced driving lessons. Whatever it is you wish to find, we hope to be able to provide it.

Finally, check out the location. We recommend finding an instructor that works around your home area or work area. This is because this will most likely be the area in which you will take your test. It will be helpful to have learned on the roads that will probably be the same roads you take your test on. It will also mean that the instructor knows the roads very well and will know the best spots to teach on.

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